Our Partners



  1. Membership is open to any organization with an interest in reducing the burden of cancer in Ohio and which meets all membership requirements. Membership in the OPCC is to be inclusive and continuously open and should reflect the geographic, racial, and cultural diversity of Ohio.

  2. Any organization meeting the eligibility requirements shall be eligible for membership, provided that the organization is nominated for membership by another OPCC member organization. The nomination shall be sent to the Co-Chairs, who shall report it at the next regular meeting of the OPCC. The nominated organization shall then be voted upon by the OPCC voting membership. A majority vote of the members present shall elect an organization to membership.

  3. An individual (not representing an organization) may submit a request for membership to the Executive Board, who may or may not choose to nominate the individual for membership. An individual nominated for membership by the Executive Board will then be voted upon by the OPCC voting membership. A majority vote of the members present shall elect the individual to membership.

Classes of Membership


There are two (2) classes of membership in the OPCC, Active Member Representatives and Associate Member Representatives, which shall have certain requirements and benefits.


I know that I have been blessed and given a second chance at life. My goal is to be the best cancer advocate I can be. Survivors must understand that their goal may not have anything to do with cancer education, detection, diagnosis, etc., and that is fine. The new goal just needs to be something that they are passionate about and willing to act on. We as survivors can accomplish great things. We are at a decision point as a group and as
individuals. We can sit and think, or we can band together and act. I prefer to act!

Barbara Beckwith, Columbus,
Breast Cancer Survivor
Barbara Beckwith  Photo