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Surveillance Committee

The Surveillance Subcommittee is comprised of individuals who are interested in improving the ability of reporting sources such as hospitals and physician offices to report new cancer cases in a timely and accurate manner, as required by law, and using the data to direct interventions and evaluate progress toward “A cancer-free future for all Ohioans”.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Enhance the Quality and Reporting of Cancer Incidence Data and Increase the Dissemination and Use of Data for Cancer Prevention and Control


I know that I have been blessed and given a second chance at life. My goal is to be the best cancer advocate I can be. Survivors must understand that their goal may not have anything to do with cancer education, detection, diagnosis, etc., and that is fine. The new goal just needs to be something that they are passionate about and willing to act on. We as survivors can accomplish great things. We are at a decision point as a group and as
individuals. We can sit and think, or we can band together and act. I prefer to act!

Barbara Beckwith, Columbus,
Breast Cancer Survivor
Barbara Beckwith  Photo