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Primary Prevention/Screening & Early Detection

The Consumer Focused Committee will address issues related to general consumers and cancer prevention.  The committee is made up of individuals interested in:

  • Primary Prevention – Encouraging behaviors that may help prevent cancers from developing, such as improving diet and exercise habits, eliminating tobacco use, and avoiding the sun’s rays.
  • Early Detection– The practice of obtaining cancer screening tests to detect cancer early and at a more treatable stage.  Examples of early detection cancer screening tests include:
    • Pap tests for cervical cancer detection
    • Mammograms for breast cancer detection
    • Colonoscopy for colorectal cancer detection
    • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) for prostate cancer detection

Goals & Objectives

  • Reduce Tobacco Use among Ohioans.
  • Reduce Exposure to Environmental Carcinogens.
  • Increase the Proportion of Adults and Children who Engage in Healthy Eating Behaviors
  • Increase the Proportion of Adults and Children who Engage in Recommended Physical Activity Levels
  • Increase Vaccination Rate for Vaccines Shown to Reduce the Risk of Cancer
  • Reduce Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation from teh Sun and Sun Lamps
  • Improve Screening and Early Detection and Follow-up of Breast, Colorectal, and Cervical Cancers
  • Promote the Use of Cancer Genetic Services

During six months of chemotherapy, I kept working. I would have my chemotherapy on Friday afternoon, go home and sleep to ward off the nausea, and be back to work on Monday morning. I still remember very clearly each treatment, each x-ray, each time I had to have blood tests. But now I remember how it changed my life, how it made me more appreciative of the people and events in my life. I would have never thought that 22 years ago that I would be sharing my story, helping other cancer patients, and be a healthy, happy, wife and mother.

Barb Anderson, Dublin,
Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor

Barb Anderson Photo