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Primary Prevention/Screening & Early Detection

The Consumer Focused Committee will address issues related to general consumers and cancer prevention.  The committee is made up of individuals interested in:

  • Primary Prevention – Encouraging behaviors that may help prevent cancers from developing, such as improving diet and exercise habits, eliminating tobacco use, and avoiding the sun’s rays.
  • Early Detection– The practice of obtaining cancer screening tests to detect cancer early and at a more treatable stage.  Examples of early detection cancer screening tests include:
    • Pap tests for cervical cancer detection
    • Mammograms for breast cancer detection
    • Colonoscopy for colorectal cancer detection
    • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) for prostate cancer detection

Goals & Objectives

  • Reduce Tobacco Use among Ohioans.
  • Reduce Exposure to Environmental Carcinogens.
  • Increase the Proportion of Adults and Children who Engage in Healthy Eating Behaviors
  • Increase the Proportion of Adults and Children who Engage in Recommended Physical Activity Levels
  • Increase Vaccination Rate for Vaccines Shown to Reduce the Risk of Cancer
  • Reduce Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation from teh Sun and Sun Lamps
  • Improve Screening and Early Detection and Follow-up of Breast, Colorectal, and Cervical Cancers
  • Promote the Use of Cancer Genetic Services

I have been cancer-free for 6 1/2 years now. Overcoming all these hardships has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do. It has made me a better person all around. It has strengthened my faith in God and my fellow man. My major recommendation is this: only you know your own body. When something doesn't seem right, pursue it until you are satisfied. It could be the difference between life and death. Early detection is key!

Sheila Massie, Canfield,
Pancreatic Cancer Survivor
Sheila Massie Photo